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sacha1274's Journal

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I am a twenty-something year old woman, who lives with her wonderful (but sometimes annoying) husband and our two cats.

Music is a big part of my life - I love all genres of music and would listen to music all day every day if I could. Both I and my husband play the guitar, although he's much better than I am, and I play the piano. My dad's very musical and plays lots of instruments, so I guess I get my love for music from him. He also sings in a local group, so we have to go to concerts every now and then (which my husband just LOVES!).

I work full-time for a medical insurance company, which has it's good points and bad points...main good point is free private medical insurance and main bad point is, well, going to work every day if I'm honest.

I have a great family and fantastic in-laws. We also have 3 lovely little nieces, who we love to spoil rotten.

My favourite TV programs are BBC New Tricks, BBC Robin Hood and Family Guy. I am a HUGE fan of the lovely Joe Armstrong and of his father Alun Armstrong.

My free time is mostly taken up with seeing family and friends, seeking out new music, chatting online or playing console games (I love Wii games). I also go to see my football team, Eastleigh F.C. (The Spitfires), play at home when I can.

There may sometimes be a few swear words in my journal, depending on my mood, so be warned! ;¬)

Many thanks to punkfunkdisco for the lovely Allan A Dale moods!